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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
If you would like to submit your "Happy Tail" to us, please email us at:

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Say hello to Mia, named after Mia Hamm the soccer star! She's one of the most loving, affectionate and smart dogs you'll ever meet. My girlfriend, Chelsea and I, adopted Mia from Naked K9 six months ago while searching She's a Boston terrier / chihuahua mix. During the 6 months we've had her, Mia has learned a lot! She rings a bell that hangs from the front door when she needs to go outside. She loves to play fetch and hide n go seek. She knows how to sit, stay, shake with both paws, lay down, roll over, play dead, and is now learning how to play basketball! She is a very smart puppy and loves to play. Mia is now fully house trained. She is trusted to roam the house freely while we're away and loves to sit on the back of the couch and look out the window. As a whole, we couldn't be any happier with the choice we made. Mia is such a blessing to us and anyone she comes in contact with. Thanks so much to Cecilia and the whole Naked K9 team for what you do. If it wasn't for you guys, we probably would have never met Mia. She just turned 1! We cant say thank you enough! She is our everything!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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