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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
If you would like to submit your "Happy Tail" to us, please email us at:

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When I got behind the wheel on June 18, 2015 to drive to Indianapolis to pick up my first 2 foster dogs for Naked K9, little did I know that one of them - Elsa - would charm her way into our hearts and find her forever home with us. Elsa is a senior girl, but a little 10-pound spitfire. It took her no time at all to get used to her new home. In a short time, she started bossing around the other dogs, who were more than twice her size, and putting them in their place. Even though they had been in the family for 9 years, they never questioned her authority. She seemed determined to make my mom Helen her permanent human. Whenever Helen sat down, Elsa was right there beside her. Elsa prefers sitting on the left, and more than once she “wiggled” another dog out of the way to get her “place” next to her human. Her plan worked. When Elsa’s second potential adopter backed out, my mom suggested that Elsa needed to stay as a member of our family. So, just 2 ½ months after coming to live with us, Elsa found her forever home with us. Elsa is playful and still keeps the rest of the pack in line. She is a total cuddle bug, loves to give kisses, and is very fond of sun bathing. Elsa still takes her place on Mom’s left side and they enjoy taking naps together. She loves to crawl under the covers at night and is a bit of a bed hog. I still can’t figure out how such a small creature can take up so much space in bed, but no one seems to mind.

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