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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
If you would like to submit your "Happy Tail" to us, please email us at:

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Joey 2

I wasn’t looking to add another dog to our family exactly but I love looking at Cresteds, they are so unique looking and no 2 are the same. There were a couple that caught my eye from time to time but I didn’t really pursue with 2 loves already. When I saw that Naked K9 had a Secret Santa event I thought perfect, I can help without trying to sneak another dog into the house. I was given Joey to be the Secret Santa for, I fell in love as soon as I saw that face and his adorable little snaggle tooth. Right then I decided that the best Christmas gift would be to give this boy a furever home. To my surprise my husband agreed. We made the drive to Michigan on Dec. 23 from Ontario, Canada to bring this guy home for Christmas. He is the best Christmas gift I have ever received. He fit right in with Diva and Kelso and while Joey and Kelso aren’t the best of friends he and Diva are. (Maybe a hairless thing, Kelso is a Puff). I don’t know much about Joey’s background other than he had 3 previous homes before we picked him up and at that time he was 3. I can’t imagine why he rehomed so many times he is such a love and makes me laugh daily. I always say it just took that long for us to find each other. He is my heart emoticon dog and always beside or on me, he has even been known to ride with me on the motorcycle. From day one he moved into our bed and into our hearts. Thank-you so much Mary Sousa for taking such good care of him. I am now a volunteer for Naked K9, I help make Pjs and recently over Christmas had my first foster. Not going to lie, almost a foster failure but she has a great new home and I can now help another. If you are reading this it means that you are checking Cresteds out even if not necessarily looking but you never know when you might see your next best friend.


Julie became part of our family three years ago this month. My husband and I had decided it was time to add to our family. We had lost our little girl Ariel, one of our three cresteds. As much as we missed Ariel we knew we had room in our hearts and our home for another baby. I looked on pet finder for Chinese Crested and it led me to Naked K9 & Small Dog Rescue. We looked at all the dogs up for adoption and as soon as we saw Julie's face we knew she was the one. We filled out an application for adoption. I got so excited when I heard my references were being checked. Then Sue, her foster Mom called me and we talked for awhile about Julie, Seamus and Lillie. So I was approved and was so happy. It was a very long 2 weeks until we met her. Sue drove in a huge snow storm and brought Julie to our house. Julie was so shy and scared. After Sue left her with us she hid. We kept hearing this high pitched noise which turned out to be Julie's whining. The next day my stepson brought his puppy and Julie was scared and jumped right in my lap and that was it, she trusted me and accepted me. She and I bonded. It took about 3 weeks to accept Neil, Julie does not like men. As we got to know and love Julie, we found out how sweet, fun, loving and really smart she is. She settled into our family wonderfully. Seamus passed away that May and Julie and Lillie grew closer. When Lillie went blind Julie kept an eye on her. When we went to a cottage, Julie took care of Lillie making sure she didn't go near the cliffs, it was amazing to watch. New members have joined our family -Dougie and Petey, Julie is the boss. We love our Julie more than words can say. Thank you NakedK9 for bringing Julie into our life.


Jax was one of the Houston Cresteds. He is now living happily in KY with his family. He has even become best buddies with his new sister who is a Powder Puff Crested.


Jasmine was turned into our rescue when her owner was placed in an assisted living center that did not allow dogs. Jasmine was fostered in Louisville, KY until she was discovered on PetFinder by her new family. She now shares a home with James & Lisa Barger in Danville, KY. She is spoiled rotten and spends her days getting belly rubs, playing with her toys and taking long walks with her dad James. She also loves it when the grandchildren come over because they will hold her and play with her for hours. Jasmine is one lucky girl!

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