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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
If you would like to submit your "Happy Tail" to us, please email us at:

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Our family was having a very rough year. My mother passed away, we lost 2 very old beloved dogs to different types of cancer within 2 weeks of each other. Six months later another young very loved dog was tragically hit by a car and killed which really broke our family and shortly after that my son was in a bad car accident which left his arm with a huge scar. Our family was really in need of something good and our one remaining dog was extremely depressed since the dog who was hit by a car was his everything. My husband was so crushed by the recent events that he couldn't even entertain the thought of getting another dog but there was a gaping hole in my heart and i knew that getting another one to love would help the healing process. I talked him into it and began my search. I found Naked K9 and saw the bio of Rubi. I contacted you guys and it seemed to be a perfect match. She was a breeder surrender who was currently weaning another dog's puppies so there was a considerable wait till we could bring her home. During that time i was in constant touch with Bernadette from Naked K9 who answered all of my questions and reassured me. I live in NJ and she was being fostered in Michigan so my sister who agreed to take a road trip with me started out at 4 in the morning and made it there by about 1. She was just the sweetest thing ever and i knew she was just what our family needed. She sat cuddled on my lap the whole way home. While i still feel the loss of my prior dogs and it still hurts when i think of them, Rubi has helped tremendously to begin the healing process. She is a bundle of energy and is just so loving. She loves when we sit on the couch to watch tv and she is immediately someone's lap warmer. My other dog Tony has gotten over his depression and while he is not as attached to her as he was my other dog, they both play together often and explore the back yard together. She has become the center of our family (as if we had a choice). She is loved and pampered and spoiled (like all dogs should be). She is highly (can't stress that enough) motivated by food and would eat us out of house and home if we let her. She was just what we needed and we love her to pieces. Thank you Naked K9. Dale


Rosie came to live with my daughter and I in Dec. 2014. We had been looking for a new addition to our family and her sweet face and story caught my eye immediately on PetFinder. There was no doubt that we were the family for her! Her transition with us was slow at first, as she was still very shy and timid. She had some trouble the first 6-9 months with her restroom routine as she found her favorite "spot" in the house. It took time, but she has conquered her fear of the backyard, especially on windy days, and hasn't had an accident indoors in quite some time. She had no problems befriending our Lab, who has now passed, and dwarf rabbit. Rosie spent hours watching the rabbit for her first few weeks with us. She is still pretty curious about him, but they live in harmony with each other. She started going up north to Grayling and Gladwin that first spring for long weekend vacations. That is when she really started to open up to us and other family members.She loves to walk the nature trails, ride on the pontoon boat, and watch deer and birds from a distance. Her favorite place to walk is Hartwick Pines. She will never pass up a ride in the car. She is an "on the go" kind of girl and loves adventure. She's become very protective and motherly to my daughter. She loves nothing more than snuggling up on the couch or under the blankets. She gives her unconditional love to us each day and is forever a part of our family. We love our Rosebud! ♡


Ralph and Cee Cee were able to be adopted together!

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