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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
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After the death of Bailey, our Jack Russell and watching the sadness of Jack, our 9 year old rescue dog, I knew that I needed to seriously look for a new family companion. On January 18, 2016 Cecilia from Naked K9 Rescue Group knocked on my door. Xena, a shy but feisty Xolo entered our home. After about a 2 hour visit, Xena decided to stay with us as her forever home! She likes to chew shoes and decided the first week that her target was to see how many times she could nip at my husband's heels and frantically bark "I am the boss now!" Xena believes she is my defender. Jack immediately came out of his "coma of mourning". I have found strategic toys are a must to chew, chew and chew. I am adjusting my next months budget for dog toys. A quick squirt from a squirt bottle and positive reinforcement with treats have helped Xena and Dad become friends slowly. The best way to explain what I have been witnessing for the last month is a Zubal dog exercise zone which begins at approximately 6:00 am. After eating breakfast, Xena and Jack start out with tug of war, followed by a Mexican standoff! Xena tends to end the stand off by running off with the desired toy and the chase begins. Xena loves music and it seems to intensify the parallel zooms I have become accustomed to laughing at as Xena and Jack fly through their antics. Since Xena has moved in, she has weathered two big snow storms. This California Xolo has adjusted well to snow on her feet. She does her "duty" in record time and has learned leash commands pretty well- a work in progress. She is two and had not really been socialized before joining our family except with her foster mom, Cecelia. She knows the vocabulary, "eat", "sit"-treats definitely help, "get in your bed", "stay" and "walk". We are working on the command QUIET. She has progressed traveling in my Jeep -initially plastering her body against the front passenger seat to now riding with her body in a sitting position in her fancy new car seat that Jack can also fits into. We are still working on Jeep rides, very short with the window cracked open, lavender oil on her car seat blanket" and soft music playing. My reassuring words seems to calm her too! I am seriously working on this with her because summer travel, kayaking, and swimming at the lake are in Xena's future. Xena has won the hearts of a number of my immediate family members especially my grand daughter who created a song she sings to Xena. Most of us are dog lovers, but we have all learned caution is important. Xena's crate, in our bedroom, is a safe haven where she seems to enjoy a daily nap and her nightly slumber. I can't believe she sleeps ALL night long since she came to our home. Every day Xena looks at me with her brown eyes peering out of her black mask to say, "I love you and trust you most of the time"! I am learning that as a rescue dog, Xena needs MUCH love, patience and the slow introduction of new people and experiences. I smile as I watch this "mountain goat" Xolo climb on the back of our couch to smell my husband's bald head, lick his face and cautiously learn that it is ok to be held by dad. My quiet time with Xena is special with her favorite pink blanket covering her and my lap. Jack on one side of my lap and Xena on the other. Out from under the covers with her one black ear pointed straight up like an antenna and the tilt of her soft head, her eyes say..."I love you mom!" More from Xena soon. Bath in the utility sink with soap should be interesting. I enjoyed writing this for your group. It brings into perspective how much I love this dog and how many adventures we have ahead together.

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