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Animal Success Stories
We are so fortunate to have some of the folks who adopt from us send photos, letters and updates.
If you would like to submit your "Happy Tail" to us, please email us at:

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Lola is doing GREAT!! She is a sweetheart and she has adapted very well to the family, both human and dog :) I think the timing when we got her was fantastic, everybody was home and we all got the chance to bond with her. Everybody loves her. She is a very smart, very fast learner. She does things for treats, she knows sit, down, stay and come. So we are now playing hide and seek and she loves it. Next trick to learn will be "bang" :D She is also potty trained.:D Last weekend, when it was warm, we took the dogs for a walk and she really liked that, so when the weather permits it, we will be doing that again. Right now to burn some energy we play hide and seek and chase mom up and down the stairs. She is helping me with my New Year's resolution! LOL! Harry wasn't too sure about her the first couple of weeks and he was a little jealous, he is over that and now and they are best friends. Whatever Harry does, Lola does. It is so much fun to see them play and run around, she is faster than him so she cuts in front of him and bows, I want to record them, but when I do, they stop and look at me like what are you doing? :D They are sleeping and cuddling buddies too. They both sleep in my bed, they also share my lap. Blossom liked Lola from day one and sometimes they play tag of war, I find it amazing that Blossom, who is able to pull me on the floor playing is so gentle when she plays with Lola. Her baby tooth is out, she also had another baby tooth on the top left that was loose, the vet took that one out too, they took an x ray and she doesn't have an adult tooth coming in that spot. That doesn't stop her from eating! LOL she is a very good eater. :) She weighed 9.8 last week. At the time of the extraction I had her micro chipped. She doesn't like to wear a collar and she kept itching her neck and she was irritating the skin. Lola is a blessing and a joy to have. She puts smiles on our faces and she has brought a lot of good energy and love to the household. Thank you for choosing us to be her family! Have a great day! Claudia


Chewie is now living in Louisville, KY

CeeCee (MI)

Cee Cee & Ralph were adopted together!


Here is a recent email from Cooper's new family: Cooper is doing great, Larry and I talked recently about Cooper, what had happened to the scared dog who used to freak out from hands, legs and people (basically, he was afraid from everything), and used to run away to hide in the closets (after taking out the cloths). Today he is secure, play (and even bark) at dogs and does not run away when we have guests. He loves hiking and exploring, and loves to eat the ice in the park (he will be very sad when the snow will melt). He is obsessed over food, and will do anything to get a treat. He is very smart, and learned many tricks (high five, sit, stay, up).


Courtney was a very sad neglect case. Animal control had to step in and remove her from her home along with two other dogs due to the horrible conditions they were living in. When Courtney came into rescue she was missing a lot of her hair, had a severe skin infection, tape worms and coccidia. Despite her medical issues Courtney had a wonderful spirit about her and was very sweet and affectionate. She was a joy to foster. Things got even better for her when she was adopted by Liz Paoletti. Courtney now shares a home with Liz and her four legged sisters Jewelly and Ella. She even shares their second mountain vacation home in the Pocono's. She loves to bark at the Turkeys and Deer! Courtney and her sisters get along great and love to run around outside and play together. Ella and Jewelly take very good care of Courtney and love to lick her belly and mother her. Courtney just lays on her back and lets them lick away. She could not have wished for a better home and will want for nothing. This was such a happy ending!

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